Charles Aldrich Walsh

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I have the scars on my back to prove it. I have been the CEO of three companies and the founder of two. I have recruited and led teams of four up to forty, from data science and data engineering to inside sales and customer service. I have raised equity funding from angel investors, institutional investors, and publicly traded companies. I have sourced and closed partnerships deals with familiar names such as H&R Block,, and Microsoft.

I have created new web services for homeowners, SAAS products for accountants, and new propensity data products for real estate agents and mortgage banks. I built a hotel, opened a restaurant, and built my own home twice.

I have built and managed two different inside sales teams. One sold legacy data products to the Fortune 500; the other sold cutting edge predictive analytics to real estate professionals. I have been a administrator and power user at two companies. I grew a direct mail campaign from twenty thousand letters per year to over five million by developing a random forest model to predict which recipients were most likely to respond. I have international business experience from the two years I spent living and working in Vina del Mar, Chile.

I graduated cum laude from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine with a degree in International Relations. Later I earned a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I’m also a husband, and father to four great kids.