Anchor River Ranchos Subdivision

Anchor Point


The Anchor River Ranchos Subdivision was a 600 acre raw land development project just outside of Anchor Point, Alaska.

Keystone Development Company acquired 600 acres of beautiful land outside the town of Anchor Point and near the Anchor River.  It had a nice fishing stream and was a great hunting, camping area. The name “Anchor Point” comes from a legend that when Captain James Cook discovered the area, he lost an anchor. Settlers came beginning in the early 1900s  and today Anchor Point is the westernmost point in the US Highway System.

ue immediately began the surveying and platting process.  As with most our land development projects at the time, we purchased the land in the fall with the goal of completing platting and permitting over the winter in time for sales to begin in the spring. For this project we chose to create a mix of large size lots of 10, 20, and 40 acres to appeal to the buyer looking for a larger size property than what was currently available in the area.  The land had a nice stream where salmon came to spawn and we took care to craft the site plan around this and high value view corridors.

This project was unique in that it was one of the only subdivision projects where we did not build full access roads to each lot. This was due to the large overall size of the project as well as the terrain. Instead we “brushed in” dirt access paths along the platted easements that were large enough for a jeep to travel to each lot for sales purposes.


Investment Thesis

In 1974 construction began on Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), or “Alaska Pipeline” which brought a huge economic boost to the Alaskan economy. With this project we targeted the buyer who dreamed of owning a large acreage lot for a private back country getaway.

Lessons Learned

The lack of full roads to each lot did not hurt sales among the rugged outdoors-men and women who made up our target audience.