Integrated Storage Solutions, Inc (“ISSI”)



Walsh Investment purchased this well-located warehouse building in Redmond, Washington to support the growth of its rapidly expanding paper and tape media storage business.

After identifying the unmet need for secure paper and tape media storage space, demand quickly outgrew our National Security Centers building in Bellevue, Washington. Walsh Investment Company formed a new record storage subsidiary, Integrated Storage Solutions, Inc (“ISSI”) and purchased a 30,000 square foot warehouse building on a 4.5 acre site in Redmond, Washington to serve as its flagship location. The property is extremely well located, equidistant from downtown Bellevue and the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. It was large enough for us to expand in and offered future development potential if needed.

The original 30,000 square foot building was used for ISSI’s paper storage business and we quickly added an additional 4,400 square feet of vault space to store tape media. Shortly thereafter we built a 35,000 square foot addition to the building for a total of 76,000 square feet.

Since we were already storing the tape media for nearby businesses like Microsoft, we began to sell the tape media to these companies as well.

Walsh Investment sold ISSI’s records storage business to Shurgard Storage Centers, Inc. a large publicly traded records storage company, along with a long term lease for the warehouse building. In addition to retaining ownership of the building, we retained the tape media sales business which moved its headquarters to Bothell and continued under the name ISSI Business Solutions.

In 2004, Iron Mountain acquired Shurgard’s record storage business and became our new tenant.